Promotional Videos

A 3-5 minute video that tells your story, what differentiates your business, what you have to offer and why your product or service is superior.

Corporate Videos

An immensely focused video that highlights your services, products and articulates your message.


A 30-second or 60-second video that shows your company's strengths to increase your revenue.

Music Videos

A cinematic motion picture that depicts your song's story and message.

Automotive Photography

Photographs of automotive vehicles with predetermined backdrops that accent the vehicle.

Event Photography

Candid and posed photography that covers a live event.

Fitness and Model Photography

Photographs that promote athletes and advertise products.

Portrait Photography

Photographs of a person, or group of people, that illustrate the collection's theme and subject's personality.

Nature Photography

Photography that displays landscapes, wildlife and plants.


“It’s all about you. . .  And it’s on us.”

We maintain the highest quality standard at every step.

We lead and manage your creative ideas from…

We start our process by sending you our “Preproduction Survey” to gain a thorough understanding of what you expect the video to accomplish.  In this phase, we create a concept that best fits your needs.

In this stage, we finalize all the creative elements; we schedule the shooting dates; we scout and secure all the locations; we book any additional crew members; we cast any necessary talent; we lock in all essential production components and create the final production plan.

This is the stage where we complete principal photography for all of your media.  Depending on the project’s content, production will take place on location and/or in the studio.

It all comes together in this phase.  We edit the video and photos in our state of the art editing suite.  We add all predetermined animations.  Then, we color correct and color grade the media.  Lastly, we have our client review.

After you approve the material, we send you the finished products and all of the raw media on an external hard drive.  In the event you have any questions or concerns, we maintain a clear channel of communication for all of our clients.